Homework guidelines

Due dates/late policy

Assignments and due dates can be found on the lecture webpage. Homeworks must be submitted on both Blackboard (code) and Gradescope (writeup) by 11:59 pm on the given due date. You will be allowed a total of 3 late days througout the semester - use them wisely! Each additional day late will result in an penalty of 50% of the homework grade, and no homework will be accepted after 3 days past its due date.


Each assignment has both programming and written components. Your code will be graded both on clarity and correctness. It is generally more important that your code be clear and correct than fast. Your writeup should be richly illustrated with graphs and images, and your code should be well commented and documented.

Note for Extra Credit

There will be optional extra credit questions in the assignments which can get you points on the homework. Note that however, the maximum possible score for a homework is a 100 points. So if you were able to answer 100 points worth of the homework and you solved 20 points worth of extra credit, your total score would be 100 points. But if you solved only 70 points worth of the homework and 20 points of extra credit, your total score would be 90 points.

You will be submitting a PDF writeup to Gradescope and a zipfile of code to Blackboard. Unless otherwise specified in the homework instructions, please carefully follow the below protocol so that our grading scripts will work on your assignment.

Homework Code Submission

Submit a zipfile named YourAndrewId.zip to Blackboard. This zip file should contain a single folder called YourAndrewId that contains

Make sure the matlab directory includes everything that your code needs to run. If we hand out code as part of the assignment, please include that also. However, to prevent large zip files, do not include image or data files that we prodivid in the data directory of skeleton code.

You can create an archive of the YourAndrewId directory in various ways depending on the platform:

You can list the contents of a zip archive with the command unzip -l YourAndrewId.

Homework Writeup Submission

You must submit your writeups as as a single PDF file titled YourAndrewId.pdf to Gradescope. We will not accept writeups in any word processing format such as MS Word or Open Office. You are welcome to create the writeup in whichever word processor you like but in the end you need to save it as a pdf file.

Some guidelines for your figures: